Friday October 15, 2021

Seeking legitimacy

September 18, 2021

The Taliban have defeated the US and its allies, but whether they will succeed in governing the multi-ethnic state or not is yet to be seen. Fighting for twenty years is far easier than governing a country battered by a war spanning four decades. If the Taliban don't show flexibility and moderation, they will surely face hurdles in getting recognition and legitimacy from the world powers. Intimidating journalists, censoring the media and ignoring women’s rights are some factors which will alienate the Taliban from the international community.

The Taliban should make true on the promises made during the signing of the Doha agreement. At the same time, the international community, particularly the US, should provide humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan and should establish diplomatic relations with it. Unfortunately, the Taliban have announced a caretaker cabinet with no proper representation of minorities and women. If the Taliban want to legitimise their government, they must share power with other Afghan factions, ensure human rights, guarantee fundamental rights of women and minorities, and assure the world that the Afghan soil would not be used for cross-border terrorists activities.

Haris Nawaz