Saturday September 18, 2021

Royal rewards

September 15, 2021

A lot is said about tax reforms but hardly any step has been taken in the right direction. There is a need to incentivise the tax culture. We need to make it lucrative for taxpayers. In other countries, taxpayers get respect, rebates and above all recognition– none of which our taxpayers get.

Here are some incentives that the government that give to taxpayers in a bid to collect more taxes: a taxpayer paying Rs100,000 or more a year may get a toll-tax exemption for his vehicle throughout the country; a taxpayer paying Rs200,000 or more might be entitled to a private room treatment at all government health facilities, free of charge or at a reduced cost; a taxpayer paying Rs300,000 or more may be allowed to use the VIP lounge at all national airports in Pakistan; a taxpayer paying Rs500,000 or more might get an exemption from being arrested in matters other than capital crimes; and a taxpayer paying Rs1,000,000 or more could be acknowledged by being invited to a state dinner (with the president or the prime minister) once a year in recognition of his/her services to the country. These suggestions and incentives are few in number, and the government can surely come up with more to encourage people to willingly pay taxes and contribute to the development of the nation.

Basharat Raja