Saturday September 24, 2022

Muslims in India

September 05, 2021

It must be highlighted that violence against minority communities is common in our neighbouring country, India. Muslims especially are often targeted and assaulted. In August, a video showing a terrified little girl clinging to her Muslim father as a Hindu mob assaulted him, went viral on social media. And a few days later, another viral video showed a Hindu mob slapping, kicking and punching a Muslim bangle-seller in Indore. However, these cases are not new, last year a group of men assaulted Mohammad Zubair, a 37-year-old, during protests sparked by a new citizenship law in New Delhi.

Such violence against Muslims and other minority groups has become common since the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has come into power in 2014. It is a fundamental right of all citizens that they be allowed to practice their freedom in their country, and it should be the foremost priority of any government to secure the lives and rights of its citizens.

Muhammad Bakhtiyar