Saturday September 25, 2021

Two arrested for hurling threats at polio team

August 04, 2021

LAHORE:Two people were arrested for hurling threats and misbehaving with a polio team by Defence-C police here on Tuesday. The accused were identified as Sadia Iqbal and Muhammad Yasir. They hurled threats and misbehaved with the polio team. Their two accomplices fled the scene. Police were investigating the matter.

PO: A proclaimed offender was arrested by Investigations Police Ghaziabad. The arrested suspect was identified as Arshad. He had issued bogus cheques to different citizens and had gone into hiding to avoid the arrest. He had taken a house on rent from a citizen and later refused to leave its possession.

ARRESTED: A man was arrested for harassing a girl in Nishter Colony here on Tuesday. The suspect identified as Usama while riding on a bike harassed a girl and his activity was caught on camera. The victim had lodged a complaint with Nishter Colony police. In another incident, Lorry Adda police arrested two members of a bike lifting gang. The arrested suspects were identified as Arfan alias Pappi and Haseeb alias Chotu. Police recovered a motorbike, illegal weapon and a mobile phone from their custody. Defence-C police arrested two bike lifters. The arrested suspects were identified as Azam and Mohsin. Police recovered a stolen vehicle from them. They confessed to stealing bikes. A few days back, they had fled after lifting a car of a citizen. Meanwhile, Badami Bagh police arrested a man for displaying an illegal weapon on social media. missing girls: Hunjarwal police have taken into custody two persons, including a rickshaw driver, who had dropped the four girls at EME Society gate with no clue to the victims so far. Police took into custody their neighbour Umar and rickshaw driver Arsalan. Umar told police that he was with the girls till 11pm and left them after receiving a call from his home. The rickshaw driver dropped them at EME Society at 12 midnight. Four girls, 10 to 14 years of age, had left their home to travel on Orange Train five days back but they never returned. The CM took notice of the incident, following which, police registered a case.