Tuesday November 30, 2021

Security forces, police attacked with remote-controlled bombs in South Waziristan

August 02, 2021

WANA: The vehicle of police was partially damaged when the police and security forces were attacked with two remote-controlled bombs on the main Ladha-Wana road on Sunday.

The police said that a party of Ladha Police Station was going for security duty with the polio teams when it was attacked with a remote-controlled bomb planted under the bridge on a seasonal stream on main Ladha-Wana road.

They said that the personnel remained unharmed but the vehicle was partially damaged. Soon after the explosion, a heavy contingent of police rushed to the spot and started searching for the arrest of perpetrators.

According to sources, the vehicle of security forces was also targetted with a remote-controlled bomb near the Sharwangi check-post on Ladha-Wana road.

However, no casualty or damage to property was reported in the explosion.

After the explosion, the security forces closed the road for traffic at Sharwangi check-post on Ladha-Wana road and launched a search operation.

The sources said that the two explosions occurred at a distance of 25 kilometres consecutively on Ladha-Wana road.