Thursday December 09, 2021

Three killed in Charsadda judicial complex firing

June 25, 2021
Three killed in Charsadda judicial complex firing

CHARSADDA: Three persons, including a man and his son, were killed and another sustained injuries when their rivals opened fire on them inside the District Judicial Complex in the limits of City Police Station on Thursday.

Rahimullah and Faizullah, who were stated to be brothers, attacked their rivals identified as Bakht Zali, his son Rahmat and their companion Iqbal Hussain alias Balay in the chamber of their lawyer in the District Judicial Complex.

Eyewitnesses said that the assailants broke into the office of the lawyer and opened indiscriminate fire on the rivals, killing them on the spot. They said that an assistant of the lawyer named Misbah also sustained injuries in the incident. The attackers committed the crime to take revenge for the killing of their father and two brothers. There was a melee on the premises of the judicial complex and everyone was seen running for safety after the incident. Eyewitnesses said that one of the attackers was dancing with a victory sign while the other one was shouting to celebrate the event.

The assailants later surrendered to the police with weapons used in the crime. According to police, the rival parties had come to the court to appear in the case in which the father of Rahimullah and Faizullah and their two brothers had been killed some time ago. The police collected evidence from the crime scene and registered a triple murder case against the assailants.

Meanwhile, the lawyers, litigants and general public have condemned the incident and criticised the security lapse inside the judicial complex. The lawyers boycotted the court proceedings and demanded action against the personnel deployed for the security of the judicial complex.

In an emergency meeting, the office-bearers of the District Bar Association condemned the incident and termed it an attack on the lawyers. District Police Officer Zaibullah Khan has taken notice of the security failure and ordered legal and departmental action against negligent personnel.