Monday December 11, 2023

Consumers asked to use energy-efficient appliances

By Our Correspondent
May 08, 2021

LAHOREUsing energy-efficient appliances can save up to 40 per cent energy and drastically reduce electricity bills, said an official of Punjab Energy Department.

He asked the consumers to look for 3-Star NEECA/PEECA labeled appliances only, which are certified by government agency. For instance, he added, “We can save up to 40pc electricity by using Pakistan Energy Label fans.”

If consumers use fans having three star stickers when buying a new fan, they would be able to reduce electricity consumption substantially. Moreover, use of inverter AC, 3-Star NEEC labeled LED lights and fans can help drastically reduce power consumption.

He was of the view that Punjab Energy Department through Punjab Energy Efficiency and Conservation Agency (PEECA) rolled out its pilot retrofitting project in GCU, Lahore. The replacement of inefficient appliance with PEECA labeled efficient appliances resulted in savings of PKR20 million and 0.98GWh of electricity.