Monday December 11, 2023

‘Afghan Taliban commander killed in Peshawar last week’

By Bureau report
January 26, 2021

PESHAWAR: An Afghan Taliban commander was killed in Tarnab near the provincial capital by his rivals last week, reports said on Monday. Media reports said the man killed by firing in Muslim City near Tarnab was a Taliban commander Mullah Abdul Samad Toor, who belonged to Sarobi area near Kabul.

Police, however, said they have no idea about the incident as a simple report was registered at the Chamkani Police Station last week that one Mullah Toor was killed allegedly by his rival Mullah Musa and others when he was coming to the mosque to offer the morning Fajr prayers.

Police later conducted raids on the house of Mullah Musa to apprehend him but he had managed to escape. Reports said that both Mullah Toor and Mullah Musa were affiliated with the Afghan Taliban group, but were running a blood-feud after some members of the two families were murdered in revenge attacks. They had a personal enmity and Taliban elders were trying to resolve the dispute. Police officials, however, remained tight-lipped.