Tuesday September 21, 2021

The change that never came

November 13, 2020

In our country, new political parties vow to turn Pakistan into a peaceful and prosperous country. After the 2013 elections, the Imran Khan-led PTI staged a sit-in in Islamabad and accused the government of corruption and abuse of power. He introduce the culture of sit-in to put pressure on the government, which was neither healthy nor productive. Now, every party is adopting the politics of sit-ins to pressurise the government. Imran Khan was the last hope for the vulnerable, unemployed and downtrodden people. He promised that he will treat everyone with fairness and turned the country into a welfare state. However, under his leadership, the country is witnessing a high rate of inflation, rampant corruption and rising unemployment.

Instead of creating job opportunities, the government has abolished tens of thousands of jobs in the federal government that have been vacant for at least one year. The nation cannot expect the government to deliver anything. Also, we cannot expect anything from other parties as they have already shown that they didn’t have the best interests of the people in their hearts. The PTI has become the party of rigid people who have diverted from their real goals. The party is also busy in the politics of blame game. Such tactics are not constructive for the betterment of ordinary citizens. The PTI should focus on its performance and fulfil its promises.

Mujeeb Ali Samo