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US starts dismantling 400 bases across Afghanistan

October 03, 2020

ISLAMABAD: It has been revealed by the highly placed diplomatic sources that United States (US has started demolishing its medium and smaller size basis throughout Afghanistan and dismantling of almost four hundred such basis will be completed by the end of this month.

Most of the facilities have already been demolished. The Pentagon hasn’t made up its mind about the future of its five major bases, viewed the biggest in the region outside the Gulf. Washington had hinted earlier that it would consider vacating the major basis as well but now the strategists are confused about the decision.

The US has spent billions of dollars on each five bases and it would be extremely difficult for Afghan forces to man and control the complex basis. The systems fit in the basis are sensitive and the most modern, the US would never allow any other country to have access to these systems since it could jeopardise US security system.

Increasing influence of China in Afghanistan as great source of concern for the United States while Iran’s presence in Afghanistan equally worrisome for Washington. Pentagon would never allow the two countries to come near to its systems put in place in Afghanistan.

Especially Faraha base close to Iran’s border, would be retained by the United States through any method in long run, the sources hinted. The major airbases like Bagram, Kandahar, Jalalabad, Mazar-e-Sharif and Faraha could be retained by the United States through an arrangement that would be discussed by the authorities with the United States. Interestingly US has already assured its Taliban interlocutors that it wouldn’t retain any of the bases and the US forces destroyed its basis before withdrawing its troops in many areas in accordance the desire of the Taliban leadership.

The sources told The News here on Thursday that the visit of Abdullah Abdulla has helped in streamlining the affairs in Afghanistan. The last soldier of the United States will be leaving Afghanistan in eight months; May next year. The US will be leaving 4000 troops in Afghanistan behind by end of this month as rest have started leaving war torn Afghanistan where the US and other foreign troops devastated the poor country for twenty long years by using most sophisticated weapons and ammunition.

With the visit of Dr Abdullah Abdullah Chairman Afghanistan High Council for National Reconciliation (NHCNR) to Pakistan, first in ten years, now all stakeholders of Afghan situation are on board with Pakistan. Of course, with the active assistance of the United States and facilitation by Pakistan, Doha process for Afghan talks would continue.

Pakistan has told the relevant people that Islamabad will be never provide on its land a rendezvous to hold intra-Afghan dialogue. The sources said that Abdullah Abdullah, a disciple of late Northern leader Ahmad Shah Masood when praising Pakistan’s role in Afghan conflict, experienced the authorities as music to their ears since Abdullah Abdullah had been stalwart of anti-Pakistan lobby in Afghanistan.

New Delhi used to treat him as an asset due to its heavy investment on his companions in North of Afghanistan. The sources pointed out that Abdullah Abdullah who came to Pakistan by special plan of Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, has reported to the president what transpired in his interactions in Pakistan.

The Prime Minister Special Representative for Afghanistan who made the visit a success through his diplomatic skill, has expressed his satisfaction about the outcome of the visit of the second important person in Kabul Administration after President Ashraf Ghani, the sources added.