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Anti-polio campaign: Cricketer, anchors join Geo News to eliminate crippling disease

By Muhammad Nasir
February 16, 2020

KARACHI: The Geo News along with anchorpersons and celebrities, including several top cricketers and actors, appealed to the people of Pakistan to get their children inoculated against poliovirus to save the future generation from the life-crippling disease. The Geo News was joined by former cricketer Moin Khan, anchorpersons Saleem Safi, Shehzad Iqbal, and Absa Komal in the anti-polio campaign to appeal to the people to get their children under five years of age vaccinated against polio. Highlighting the role of the Geo News in spreading awareness about polio, in their messages, they underlined the importance of the vaccine to save the future generation from life long disability, warning there is a very high frequency of the disease in the country.

Senior anchorperson Saleem Safi speaking in Pashto, appealed that Pakistanis have fought against every threat and crisis with bravery and the anti-polio campaign demands only 10 minutes of their attention. Safi said they can uproot this disease forever only if they show commitment to defend the nation against the dreadful disease. We must ensure our children get the polio vaccination. The news anchor said for the nation that won independence from the imperialist forces with bare hands and defeated the blood-curdling terrorism, how can it let its future generation be crippled by polio. It is just a matter of two drops of vaccine to safeguard our children. He said countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, India, Ethiopia, Haiti, Bhutan, Rwanda and Ghana, and even Afghanistan have overcome polio.

The other anchors and the cricketer said Pakistan will have another chance to safeguard its children from life long disability by actively taking part in the anti-polio vaccine campaign starting from February 17 to 20. They requested all the parents to ensure no child under five years of age is left unvaccinated. They said the polio drops do not cause any threat, but not doing so will turn the lives of the children for worse, adding that we could not be defeated by polio and we cannot allow that to happen to our future generation. They said the strong Pakistan nation has overcome every hurdle and dared every challenge and crisis, will surely be dealt a strong blow to defeat polio by allowing all children under five years of age to get two drops of polio and also get the children revaccinated in the booster campaigns.

They appealed the people to support Geo News in the anti-polio campaign by sending their video messages to the Geo News. The Geo News will broadcast their messages.