Thursday December 02, 2021

Five KP ministers, 20 MPAs unite against CM Mahmood Khan

At least 20 MPAs along with five ministers have formed a group within the party

January 23, 2020

PESHAWAR: Serious differences have emerged between the chief minister and five provincial ministers of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa with the latter complaining about bad governance in the province.

The ministers have threatened to resign if governance is not improved. At least 20 MPAs along with five ministers have formed a group within the party. They are disappointed at what they call poor performance of Chief Minister Mahmood Khan. They allege that corruption and commission ratio has increased in the province, calling KP’s government worse than Punjab’s.

They declared Mahmood Khan as Usman Buzdar Plus, alleging CM’s Principal Secretary and the Principal Secretary to the prime minister are running the whole show in the province. Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Mahmood Khan, while strongly denying the allegations, told The News that two or three ministers are involved in the conspiracy because he had not adjusted their near and dear ones in the cabinet. “My brother is active in local politics of my area and he looks after my constituency but never interferes in the government affairs. Ministers were changed on poor performance and if their performance does not improve, they will be removed soon,” the chief minister added. When asked why incompetent ministers were given new portfolios, he replied that he has given them a chance to perform otherwise they will be removed. “Corruption and bad governance allegations are baseless. My principal secretary is working on my behalf and only communicates my orders. I have not received any complaint of corruption or misuse of authority against any minister or official. I will take strict action if someone is found involved in corruption or is taking a commission,” he said

Mahmood Khan said Imran Khan had nominated him the chief minister and authorized him to remove or induct anybody into the cabinet. “I don’t bother about someone resigning from the cabinet. The performance of these ministers is unsatisfactory and I am planning to remove them soon. Imran Khan has shown full confidence in me and given me a free hand to replace anyone,” he added.

This correspondent also spoke to three ministers and four MPAs after their joint meeting at Peshawar. A senior minister told this scribe on condition of anonymity that corruption, misuse, abuse of power and bad governance have damaged the credibility of the PTI. Imran Khan was informed several times to take notice of the issue but still to no avail. “The CM is incompetent and the province is governed from Islamabad. Some party leaders and bureaucrats are interfering in the province. The principal secretaries to the PM and CM are running the show while corruption and bribery have increased by 20 percent in the province”, he claimed.

He said the CM House is directly interfering in departments and transferring officers without consulting the ministers concerned, adding the people had voted the PTI for good governance but unfortunately people are suffering due to bad governance. He said this state of affairs will ultimately damage the reputation of Imran Khan being prime minister and head of the PTI. Another minister alleged the involvement of CM’s brother in postings and transfers in the province. Only the portfolios of ministers were changed but not a single corrupt minister was removed, he alleged, questioning that if a minister is corrupt and incompetent, how will he handle the other ministry.

“Enough is enough; we don’t want to be a part of a corrupt government. We joined the PTI for a corruption-free society, but corruption has increased. A few people close to the PM are giving him okay reports about KP. Pervaiz Khattak’s government was much better than Mahmood Khan’s,” he added. Another MPA told this scribe “important postings and transfers are on sale in the KP. Corrupt officers are being posted on key seats for vested interests. Imran khan had received complaints regarding the corruption of at least four to five ministers, but they were again adjusted in the cabinet. We can’t face people in our constituencies under these circumstances,” he added. “Why should we remain silent spectators to the corruption and blunders of others? Why do the people of this province have to suffer at the hands of the corrupt mafia? The prime minister must investigate the corruption charges against the ministers. People had voted and supported us for a change and good governance not for corruption,” he lamented.