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Fata Students Federation stages protest

By Bureau report
November 06, 2018

PESHAWAR: The Fata Students Federation staged a protest outside Press Club here on Monday to press the government for the acceptance of their demands.

Led by the central president Saeedullah, the protestors carrying banners and placards chanted slogans in favour of their demands. The chairperson of her own faction of the PTI Aishya Gulalai, Mehsud Karim advocate, general secretary Mohammad Akbar Bajauri, vice-president Israfil Orakzai and others were present there as well.

The speakers observed that their areas had always been ignored in the past and the dwellers were living a miserable life. They said the tribespeople had always rendered sacrifices for the country but they were deprived of basic amenities even.

They asked the government to increase tribal students’ quota in the medical and engineering universities and immediately advertise all the vacant posts in the tribal districts. They demanded the appointment of locals to all posts to end the sense of deprivation among people.