Saturday April 01, 2023

A matter of duty

May 26, 2018

Even extreme heatwaves in Karachi haven’t dampened the enthusiasm of residents who have been providing iftar meals to the poor since the first day of Ramazan. This tradition of distributing meals to anyone who intends to break their fast is an old one. Labourers, rickshaw drivers and commuters enjoy the benefit of this large-scale philanthropy.

The city’s roads are not the only place where the table is set for the poor. This trend has also found its way into old-age homes and orphanages. In addition, ration distribution is another good practice, which is being carried out by a large number of people who say that donating to the poor in Ramazan brings satisfaction to them. All of us should follow suit. When it comes to donations, even a single rupee counts.

Syed Shafin Ahmed