Sunday December 05, 2021

Nawaz totally different than his past: Abdul Hayee Baloch

March 16, 2018

LAHORE: Former parliamentarian and a renowned nationalist leader from Balochistan Abdul Hayee Baloch hailed Nawaz Sharif as the first leader from Punjab to challenge the authority of establishment.

Talking to The News, Baloch, who served as senator as well as a senior leader of National Party, stated that for the first time in history, a voice against the establishment had been raised from Punjab.

Supporting the former prime minister’s narrative regarding the sanctity of ballot, supremacy of Parliament and rule of law, he said all the democratic forces should have sided by him, but they unfortunately voted in favour of a candidate backed by establishment.

He said, “The [previously] pro-establishment Nawaz now looks totally a different leader who has raised voice against establishment and advocated for rule of democracy, Constitution and supremacy of Parliament. Nawaz Sharif is totally different than his past.”

Baloch, who has parted his ways from the National Party, said not a single government provided jobs to the unemployed youth of Balochistan. He claimed that the elected politicians were actually selected by the establishment. “They have been ruling since the inception of the country. Not a singleelected government paid attention to address the issues of the Baloch youth,” he added.

“Progress and prosperity of the country and nation lie in the democratic process. Balochs don’t have good opinion for the selected candidate of the province. Additionally, the Senate chairman could not make his chairmanship without the support of establishment. That’s why they sit in their lap,” he said. “Balochs don’t have good opinion for the ruling elite of the Punjab province,” he added.

According to him, the Baloch rulers were clearly divided during the Senate elections but he termed it as the beauty of democracy. He said the rulers were divided in Punjab and other province of the country.

“Difference of opinion is a beauty of democracy,” he replied to a question in an exclusive chat with The News. The veteran politician suggested that the oppressive nationalities and the downtrodden people should join hands with democratic forces.

According to Baloch, no political struggle could proceed without ideology and narrative and Nawaz has an ideology and narrative. He can lead the political struggle on a right path in the country.

“Pakistan is a multiethnic country. Their identification and presence must be accepted in the country. Unfortunately, the wrong policies of Islamabad created many problems for the people of Balochistan and others in the country,” he noted. “Democracy protects civil rights in the country,” Baloch stressed.