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      December 02, 2016
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      This refers to the article, ‘Developments in the energy sector’ (Nov 30), by Atta-ur-Rahman. Although the writer has made many revelations regarding renewable energy, the one pertaining to Costa Rica was startling. In the current year, this country met 100 percent of its energy needs for 76 consecutive days entirely on renewable energy sources like hydropower, geo-thermal, wind, biomass, solar, etc. The writer has also mentioned that 80 percent drop in the prices of solar energy generation in the last five years has made electricity generated by solar energy very competitive as compared to fossil fuels. He mentioned that a world record was set in a tender for a large solar park in Abu Dhabi in which a Chinese company made a bid of 2.2 cents per KWH. Even at this low price, this company expects an annual return of 7 percent. However, Pakistan is losing recklessly all of its precious resources of renewable energy. Politicians have been offering immense resistance to the construction of a few water reservoir projects. The country hasn’t constructed smaller dams to store water during monsoon.

      As regards to wind energy, the country has potential to generate 50,000 MW of electricity by installing wind farms in Hyderabad and a wind corridor between Gharo and Keti Bundar. However, the country has some innate fear in the production of wind turbines indigenously despite having manpower and facilities. In solar energy sector, there has been some progress. A solar farm of 1,000 MW is being set in Bahawalpur. If we plan properly, utilise resources efficiently, set indigenous manufacturing facilities, train our manpower and most of all, have a strong will, we could also aspire to generate 100% electricity from renewable energy sources like Costa Rica.

      Air-Cdre (r) Azfar A Khan


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