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Three bridges closed for traffic in Swabi

July 17, 2016

SWABI: Three bridges were closed for traffic in the district after one of them collapsed and the other two developed bends, said officials of the district administration on Saturday.

The Chota Lahor-Yar Hussain Bridge, constructed about six years back, has collapsed. The bridge was the lone source of traffic, linking Tehsil Chota Lahor and Yar Hussain, Yaqubi and several other villages.

People have been forced to use a long route to reach Chota Lahor through the district headquarters.

Traffic on Bada Bridge, also known as Topi Bridge, has also been stopped. Built over Topi Badri nullah, one section of the bridge has got bended. Also, one of the sections of Saleem Khan Bridge has twisted down and it may collapse anytime. The bridge was built by the district government in 2002 and it had earlier collapsed during construction time but it was rebuilt, facilitating the people, especially farmers of a wide range of Saleem Khan area and its suburbs.