Thursday December 09, 2021


July 09, 2016

Raza Ahmad Rumi @Razarumi

#Edhi represented the spirit of resilience&self-help where state was indifferent to public needs.The real #Pakistan


Gen Asim Bajwa @AsimBajwaISPR

With legendary Edhi sahib passing away not only Pakistan but the world will mourn the loss of a great human being.May he rest in peace-Ameen


Imran Khan @ImranKhanPTI

Truly saddened to hear of Edhi Sahab's passing. He was a noble soul & a great  Pakistani. He gave the first big donation to SKMT 26 years ago


Bakhtawar B-Zardari @BakhtawarBZ

inna lillahi wa inallah-e-raji'oon. Such devastating news. He was an inspiration to us all


Wasay Jalil @WasayJalil

Humanity Legend Mr Abdul Sattar #Edhi Sb is no more with us. It's a great loss  4country & his work can't be expressed in words #RIP Aameen


Syed Mustafa Kamal @KamalPSP

Mr Abdul Sattar Edhi is no more with us, His selfless service to Humanity cannot be forgotten,Inna lillahe wa inna elahi rajeon


Syed Talat Hussain @TalatHussain12

He is dead but he lives for ever because of the good he has left behind. Goodbye Edhi sahib.


Mohammad Zubair @RealM_Zubair

The most loved Pakistani and one of our greatest heroes Edhi sb died. May Allah rest his soul in peace.


Shehbaz Sharif @CMShehbaz

Edhi sahib ... one of the greatest man of our times who was really larger than life ... an icon & inspiration to generations ... RIP, Sir!


Wajahat Ali @WajahatAli

Instead of flowery speeches, Pakistan's government can honor the legacy of #Edhi by following in his footsteps: service to its poor.


Farahnaz Zahidi @FarahnazZahidi

In an era where we find very few humans, #Edhi was a saint.


Sanam Maher @SanamMKhi

"All this talk about Islamisation is a big drama" - #Edhi sb, you were the voice of our conscience, our best self.


Yusra Askari @YusraSAskari

Even after his death, #Edhi sahab continues to give - his cornea will be used to give someone the capacity to see again!


Muhammad Lila @MuhammadLila

Somewhere up there, Mother Teresa, #Edhi, and Muhammad Ali are all smiling. #RIP


SenatorSherryRehman @sherryrehman

Grieved and sad to hear of #AbdulSattarEdhi passing away. God will bless him for his services to humanity.Karachi will miss this icon hugely


NadeemFarooqParacha @NadeemfParacha

Farewell, Edhi Saheb.There was never anyone like you, and never will be. The poor, the needy & the orphans have lost their best friend. RIP


Sushma Swaraj @SushmaSwaraj

I express my deep sense of grief on the demise of Abdul Sattar
#EdhiSahab. He was a noble soul who dedicated his life in service of mankind.