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Flood in Chamarkan village damages communication system

April 15, 2024
People stand alongside a washed away road in KP. — APP/File
People stand alongside a washed away road in KP. — APP/File

PESHAWAR: Due to continued torrential rains from last Friday, while snowfall on the peaks of the mountain and Kalash village badly affected the communication system in the entire valley.

Talking to APP, Deputy Commissioner (DC) Chitral Muhammad Imran Khan said that all appropriate measures have been taken to ensure the safety of the general public.He said that due to the heavy rain since last Friday, the flood hit different streams and the routes of several valleys were closed due to land sliding and falling heavy boulders from mountains.

The only land route connecting Chitral to other parts of the country is also closed for all kinds of traffic at Lowari tunnel, while Upper Chitral, Lutkoh and Kalash Valley’s roads were also closed for the safety of the general public.

He said the district administration and officials of the relevant department including TMAs, NHAs are working day and night for the opening of roads and ensuring communication systems.

He said that Chamarkan village was badly affected by chowchow goal nullah as a link road, pedestrian bridge, irrigation stream and water supply pipelines were also destroyed due to floods.

He said that road connection would be restored soon to different areas and a guideline has already been issued to the general public to avoid unnecessary travelling.DC Muhammad Imran Khan said the officials of the PDMA, TMA and NHAs are working hard with heavy machinery in opening the main and link roads.