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Youth organisation in Peshawar reaches out to have-nots through free Iftar

By Bureau report
April 10, 2024
In this still, TIFL Foundation is organising a free Iftar in Peshawar on April 4, 2024. — Facebook/CECOS University
In this still, TIFL Foundation is organising a free Iftar in Peshawar on April 4, 2024. — Facebook/CECOS University

PESHAWAR: The TIFL Foundation, a charity organization, formed by a group of youths from Peshawar in an attempt to gain spiritual benefits during Ramazan, showed encouraging results by reaching out to thousands of needy faithful by arranging Iftar dinners and providing food packages to them.

“The objective behind forming the TIFL Foundation was to do some practical work that reflects the true spirit of Ramazan by extending a helping hand to needy people in our society,” said Malik Mohsin, a founding member of TIFL Foundation, while talking to reporters.

The foundation has very few members and all are in their teens, but their passion for helping the poor got practical shape with the support of family elders and relatives, Moshin added.“We started from scratch by raising a few thousand rupees from our own pockets during the initial days of Ramazan and within a few days, hundreds of thousands of rupees started pouring in from within the country and abroad”, he explained.

Mohsin said: “The response to our calls through Whatsapp messages and a video documentary uploaded on social media was very encouraging, instilling a renewed spirit of doing more to support the poor people,” observed Adan Salim, another member of TIFL Foundation.

“It was our first-ever attempt and the result was very inspiring, providing us satisfaction and strengthening our resolve to do more with improved planning in the next Ramazan,” said Muhammad Ahmad, a university student from Peshawar city.

Other members of the group are Abdul Muqeet, Moiz Ahmad, Momin, Ali Ahmad Siddique, Abdul Rahim, Shaheer Ahmad, Abdul Mohaiman, Hamad, Musa, Abdullah, Shaheer, Sufiyan and Sanan.

The youth collected donations and arranged Iftar dinners in different locations of Peshawar including at Hayatabad and Warsak Road. The organization raised one million on the 26th of Ramazan.

Large dastarkhawans were spread on roads in busy areas and passersby were provided edible foods including dates, samosas, Pakoras, rice, Kababs and cold drinks.The beneficiaries were mostly poor passersby, laborers, drivers of taxies, rickshaws, donkey cart owners, child beggars, etc.

Apart from TIFL, a large number of youngsters in Peshawar carried out such activities during Ramazan in different parts of Peshawar. Besides arranging Iftar dinners, Sehri meals were also arranged in different parts of the city providing facility to deserving people of having free food for holding fast.

“This is the real spirit of Islam and real Jihad — to serve the people especially when they need it,” remarked Prof Dr Abdul Ghafoor, a noted religious scholar and former Director of Sheikh Zahid Islamic Center.

Dr Ghafoor appreciated those who extended financial support to these enthusiastic youths for doing this noble effort. “Parents and elders should support their wards to engage them in such activities aimed at extending help and support to needy people. This is the true message of Ramazan that everyone should become sensitive to those who cannot afford a two-time meal and support them,” added the scholar.