Tuesday April 23, 2024

People decry disruption of cellular internet services

By Bureau report
April 01, 2024
The picture shows a person using a mobile phone. — AFP/File
The picture shows a person using a mobile phone. — AFP/File 

PESHAWAR: Residents of various areas in the provincial capital have been experiencing disruptions in cellular internet services for over a week, leading to inconvenience and raising concerns among the people.

Initially, reports suggested that the interruptions were due to an ongoing repair work, resulting in the suspension of internet services from 9pm to 6am daily. However, this practice has persisted for nearly 10 consecutive days, impacting numerous areas of Peshawar city and villages along Kohat Road, including Garhi Qamardin, Bahader Kelay, Gulshan Rahman Colony, Hazarkhwani, and several other areas every night.

Expressing frustration, a villager named Zulfiqar Khan stated: “We had heard of load-shedding of power and gas. This is something new and nobody has explained as to what is happening as it has triggered concerns among thousands of people.”

He urged the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) and other relevant agencies to ensure the regular supply of internet services, emphasising that children and youth rely on it for educational purposes, research, staying connected with family and friends, and various other needs, for which they pay significant amounts.

The disruption in cellular internet services has not only inconvenienced residents but also underscored the importance of reliable internet connectivity in today’s digital age. Authorities have yet to provide clarity on the cause of the prolonged interruptions, leaving affected individuals seeking answers and solutions to alleviate the inconvenience.