Friday April 19, 2024

Polio sensitisation session held in Landikotal

By Ashrafuddin Pirzada
February 25, 2024

LANDIKOTAL: The officials concerned conducted a sensitisation session on Saturday aimed at forge an alliance with elected representatives to ensure the success of the upcoming anti-polio campaign.

A health worker is administering Polio drops to children during a country-wide vaccination campaign. — APP/File
A health worker is administering Polio drops to children during a country-wide vaccination campaign. — APP/File

Representatives from the local government, tehsil chairman, and influential figures of Landikotal subdivision participated in the session held at the Landikotal tehsil compound. The event also saw the presence of prominent political, tribal, and religious influencers.

The primary goal of the session was to garner support for polio vaccination, address refusals, particularly among permanently missed children, and ensure the vaccination of all under-5 children in the upcoming anti-polio drive.

Speakers, including Polio Eradication Communication Officer for Khyber district Sayed Afzal Shinwari, stressed the importance of polio vaccination and highlighted the positive trends in refusal data. They said the elected representatives had a crucial role in addressing citizens’ concerns and ending boycotts of polio vaccination. The upcoming polio campaign, scheduled to start on March 3, 2024, and continue until March 9, aims to administer polio drops to over 0.2 million children under the age of 5 with the support of 923 polio teams in Khyber district.

Shinwari stated that health teams were well-trained for community mobilisation campaigns, including tribal jirgas, hujra meetings, mosque announcements, and engagement with religious, political, and tribal leaders.

Tehsil Chairman Shah Khalid Shinwari stressed the vital role of elected representatives in advocating and supporting polio vaccination efforts, urging them to allocate resources and raise awareness in their communities.

Jamaat-e-Islami leader Abdul Rauf Shinwari emphasised on the collective responsibility of protecting children’s health and called for unity among elected councilors and elders in supporting polio vaccination efforts.

The event received strong support from elected representatives and prominent influencers, who expressed their commitment to actively participate in the vaccination campaign and engage in community outreach efforts to promote vaccination.