Monday June 24, 2024

Mayor links better services to powers devolution

By Riffatullah
November 29, 2023

PESHAWAR: Mayor of Capital Metropolitan Government Peshawar, Zubair Ali, said on Tuesday the local government system could provide better services to the masses if the powers were devolved at the grassroots level.

He said this while speaking at the Meet-the-Press Programme of the Peshawar Press Club.The programme had been arranged at the completion of the renovation of the Peshawar Press Club (PPC).

The Capital Metropolitan government provided a portion of the total funds spent on the renovation of the PPC. The mayor said the local government system needed to be strengthened and that was possible only when powers were devolved to the grassroots representatives.

Mayor of Capital Metropolitan Government Peshawar, Zubair Ali talks during a press conference on November 28, 2023. —Facebook/Zubair Ali Mayor Peshawar
Mayor of Capital Metropolitan Government Peshawar, Zubair Ali talks during a press conference on November 28, 2023. —Facebook/Zubair Ali Mayor Peshawar

He lamented that the provincial government had not provided a single penny for development schemes to the LG representatives.Elaborating on his statement, Zubair Ali said Water and Sanitation Services companies were working under the supervision of chief minister while commissioner had been made in-charge of the uplift programme for the capital city.

He deplored that the Capital Metropolitan had no powers other than lighting and paving the streets.Pointing to the problems arising out after denial of the powers to the LG representatives, the mayor said the enforcement officers for removal of encroachment had been placed under the control of the district administration and that is why the target had not been achieved.

Zubair Ali said that representatives of the local government had filed petitions in different courts to get back powers and get funds released but no fruitful results had been achieved so far.

The mayor said despite meager resources, steps had been taken for the development of the provincial metropolis.Divulging the details, he said Neighbourhood and Village Councils were taking steps for the welfare of the youth. These councils were providing sports kits to youth to attract them to healthy activities.

The mayor said improvement in the education sector was being brought about with the support of the non-government organisations.The mayor praised the role of the journalist community in keeping the people informed.

He lauded the renovation work at the press club and said that was required to highlight the importance of the building in the province. Zubair Ali announced a stipend for the elderly journalists in the provincial capital who were jobless and struggling to earn a living for their families.