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Workshop on ShakeOut Day held

October 21, 2023
Workshop on ShakeOut Day held. Facebook
Workshop on ShakeOut Day held. Facebook

CHITRAL: In an effort to enhance disaster preparedness, Aga Khan Agency for Habitat (AKAA) Pakistan organised a training workshop in connection with the International ShakeOut Day at a local hotel here.

The workshop welcomed teachers from both government and private schools, as well as community leaders. Addressing the workshop participants, acting manager of the Emergency Management Department at AKAA, Javed Ahmed, stressed the need for preparedness, especially in Chitral, which falls under a seismic zone.

He said that while it may not be possible to prevent earthquakes, research worldwide has shown that during earthquakes, actions like dropping to the ground, taking cover, and holding on to something tightly can significantly help save lives.

The trainers said that during an earthquake, people should stay indoors if they are at home. They said people should immediately seek shelter under a table or a similar structure, gripping it firmly until the tremors cease. Exiting the premises during an earthquake is discouraged. Furthermore, the participants were asked to avoid standing near heavy furniture, and to refrain from attempting to pass through glass windows, as shattered glass poses a significant risk.The purpose of observing the day is to raise public awareness about natural disasters, sudden accidents, floods, earthquakes, and epidemics.