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LG reps protest hike in POL prices, power tariffs in Nowshera

By Mushtaq Paracha
September 21, 2023

NOWSHERA: The local government representatives along with people from all walks of life on Wednesday staged a protest against inflation, hike in petroleum products, taxes and electricity tariffs and demanded immediate relief for the masses.

Holding banners and posters inscribed slogans of their demands, the chairmen of union and village councils and workers and local leaders of various political parties and traders led by Tehsil Council Chairman Engr Ghayyur Khattak started the protest rally from Tehsil Municipal Administration office and reached the Pabbi Press Club via Grand Trunk (GT) Road where they staged a sit-in.

Addressing the protesters, Ghayyur Khattak, Muhammad Ilyas, Taimur Kamal, Maulana Mohibullah Shah, Khyber Khan, Syed Iftikhar Ali Shah of Pakistan People’s Party, Mahboob Ali of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and others said that people were faced with current disappointing situation due to the flawed policies of rulers, including politicians and military dictators.

They said that the ever-rising inflation, taxes and tariffs had made the lives of the people miserable, which should be stopped forthwith.

They said that people had lost their patience due to prevalent price-hikes and an increase on gas, electricity and petroleum products on a regular basis.The speakers said that paying the inflated power bills was beyond the people’s capacity and the government must withdraw taxes and hike in electricity tariffs and petroleum prices.

They said that the government must cut luxuries of the ministers and officials and should not burden the poor people with heavy power and other utility bills.They advised the government to stop testing the patience of the traders and poor people.

“The people of neighbouring countries making mockery of Pakistan due to the poor condition of Pakistanis caused by the unprecedented price-hike and unemployment,” Ghayyur Khattak said.

He said that the government should open borders for trade and stop taking dictation for raising prices of electricity and petroleum.