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Masses urged to rise against price hike

By Our Correspondent
September 19, 2023

KHAR: The local leaders of the Jamaat-e-Islami, Bajaur chapter, on Monday urged the people to come out of homes and participate in the three-day protest sit-in against price-hike being staged outside the Governor’s House in Peshawar.

Speaking at a press conference, JI leaders, including former lawmaker Sahibzada Haroonur Rashid, Sardar Khan, Maulana Waheed Gul, Maulana Abdul Majeed, Malik Ayaz Khan and others said that the caretaker government had increased the petroleum prices for three times in a very short span of time.

They said that masses must join the JI in its endeavours against the price-hike, unemployment and lawlessness in the country, particularly in Khyber Pakhtu8nkhwa where the poor were compelled to commit suicide.

The JI leaders said that sit-in would be peaceful and that the caravans from Bajaur would leave tomorrow to participate in the protest gathering.“We will launch wheel-jam strike and march on Islamabad if the caretaker government did not stop unbridled inflation,” Sahibzada Haroonur Rashid, adding that people were complaining and staging protest rallies against the hike in power tariffs across country while the government threw petrol bomb on them.

“With the hike in levy on petroleum products, now the prices of every essential and non-essential items had gone up manifolds,” the JI leaders said and added that masses must come out of their homes if they wanted to live a respectable life.