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Swat Qaumi Jirga concerned over resurgence of terrorism

By mahboob ali yousafzai & Essa Khankhel
September 13, 2023

MINGORA: The Swat Qaumi Jirga on Tuesday strongly reacted to the resurgence of terrorism in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), including Swat, and warned that terrorism would not be tolerated again in the region.

Addressing the press conference at the Swat Press Club, the jirga chief, Mukhtiar Yousafzai, said that the jigra members had grave concern over the recent increase in terrorist incidents in Swat district which was once affected by militancy in the past.

The jirga chief was flanked by Zahid Khan, Sher Bahadurzada Khan, Khawaja Muhammad Khan, Irfan Chitan, Ahmed Shah, Akhtar Ali Khan, Sadiq Aziz, Sher Shah Khan, Fazal Ahad, Salahuddin and other elders were also present at the press conference.

Mukhtiar Yousafzai added that the severe unrest and street crimes were worrisome. This deteriorating situation, he added, was not only harming the development process but had also created fear among the masses.

“Terrorism in Swat cannot be tolerated in any form,” said Zahid Khan, and added that terrorists were reorganising in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, especially in Swat, which had caused concern to the people.

Mukhtiar Yousafzai said it was the responsibility of the state to improve the law-and-order situation. “There is an unsatisfactory situation of law and order in the entire province due to the negligence of the law enforcement agencies,” he alleged.

The jirga members slammed the former provincial government of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf for having negotiation with the militants and alleged that the then spokesman of the KP government, Barrister Muhammad Ali Saif was the spokesperson for militants in the KP cabinet.

They warned that if solid steps for the restoration of peace were not taken, the people ofMalakand division, including Swat, would take to the streets and launch a protest movement.The jirga members asked the administration and quarters concerned to take care of public privacy and avoid arresting people under the 3 Maintenance of Public Order which they believed was an obsolete law.