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ASEAN, Pakistan moot ends on growth commitment

By Our Correspondent
August 08, 2023

LAHORE: Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) Chief Executive Zubair Motiwala underscored Pakistan’s substantial trade potential, while reaffirming the commitment to nurturing collaborative economic growth.

He was addressing the “ASEAN-Pakistan Business Opportunities Conference 2023”, which concluded in Lahore on Monday. The conference has taken a significant step towards strengthening economic ties between the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and Pakistan.

The conference was the starting point for a series of impactful engagements aimed at enhancing trade collaboration and fostering mutual growth between the participating nations. With a record-breaking turnout, this event witnessed the largest-ever delegation from ASEAN nations to grace Pakistan’s business landscape.

Several business-to-business (B2B) meetings followed the inauguration. More than 400 productive meetings took place, facilitating direct conversations and interactions between the visiting ASEAN delegation and representatives from diverse sectors within Pakistan.

Sectors including textiles, pharmaceuticals, agriculture and food, information technology, and construction materials were represented, underscoring the breadth of opportunities that were discussed.

The primary objective of this conference was to pave the way for enhanced trade relations between ASEAN member states and Pakistan. Visiting delegates demonstrated a keen interest in exploring trade and investment avenues that promise to be mutually beneficial for both Pakistan and the ASEAN region. On the Pakistani side, over 100 companies participated in the conference, engaging in conclusive B2B meetings with delegates from their respective sectors.

Board of Investment Director General Zulfiqar Ali provided a detailed presentation on the investment opportunities awaiting potential investors in Pakistan. His comprehensive insights shed light on the country’s diverse sectors, positioning Pakistan as an attractive destination for foreign investment.

Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation Managing Director Aftab ur Rehman the captivated the audience by showcasing the mesmerising and diverse landscapes that Pakistan has to offer. His presentation highlighted the untapped potential of the country’s tourism sector.

Pakistan Software Export Board Chief Commercial Officer Zeeshan Rehman Khattak offered an in-depth exploration of Pakistan’s digital landscape. His presentation delivered a detailed briefing on the country’s thriving information technology sector and the numerous avenues for collaboration.

The success of the ASEAN-Pakistan Business Opportunities Conference 2023 sets the stage for a new chapter in economic cooperation between ASEAN and Pakistan.