Tuesday May 21, 2024

Seminar speakers ask govt to resolve miners’ issues

By Munir Khan Afridi
August 07, 2023

BARA: Speakers at a seminar here on Sunday asked the government to resolve the issues being faced by the miners in the Khyber district.

The seminar was held at the Bara Press Club and was attended by the members of the Mines Owners Association, political leaders and local elders.

The speakers said that the Khyber district was rich in minerals therefore the government should facilitate the mine owners. They said that the mining sector could generate jobs and provide employment to the local youth. Mines Owners Association President Asghar Afridi said that Khyber district had deposits of coal, iron, lead and copper.

Asghar Afridi asked the government to issue licenses to them so that they could acquire explosives for mining purposes. He said that the government had banned the use of explosives for mining in Khyber district.

He asked the government to provide facilities to the miners so that they could use modern techniques for mining. He said that the country would earn billions if the minerals were exported.

Shah Faisal Afridi, President of Bara Seyasi Ittehad, said that the government should provide facilities to the local people associated with the mining sector. He said that the tribal people had suffered a lot due to militancy and lawlessness so the government should help them through all possible means.