Wednesday November 29, 2023

Irrigation channel completed in Lower Tirah

July 14, 2023

TIRAH: A local welfare organisation, with the help of district administration, handed over an irrigation channel to local residents in the Khais Qillah in the lower Tirah valley of the Khyber tribal district.

A 2km long water channel was completed in Khais Qillah area inhabited by the Kukikhel tribe, with the support of Community Resilience Activity (CRA)-North. The project aims to improve water management and irrigation systems in the area, which will benefit numerous people in the surrounding areas.

Tirah Rifle Wing Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Hassan, CRA office-bearer Ziaur Rehman and local elders also participated in the opening ceremony.

The newly constructed water channel will serve as a lifeline for agricultural communities and will provide them with a constant and reliable supply of water.Speaking on the occasion, the chief guest Lt Col Muhammad Hassan thanked the CRA-North for its funding and emphasised the government’s commitment to promoting sustainable development in the region.

He said the major infrastructure project was expected to increase agricultural productivity and improve the overall socio-economic status of the region.

He said the programme was aimed to provide training to people in the remote areas affected by extremism in the merged districts and provide them employment opportunities.CRA official Ziaur Rehman praised the local communities for their patience and cooperation during the construction phase.

He said the water channel would have an impact on the region’s agriculture, empowering farmers and promoting economic development.The official added that 50 youth and elderly persons had been trained regarding social cohesion to enhance erstwhile displaced families’ economic reintegration and social cohesion in Rajgal valley during Phase-1.

A local resident, Naveed Afridi, thanked the CRA-North and district administration and said the organisation had launched water channels in different areas of Khyber district.He said the tribal people infrastructures had been destroyed in prolonged militancy whereas the NGOs were involved in various development projects in tribal districts.