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Govt asked to construct bridges on Bara River

By Munir Khan Afridi
June 26, 2023

BARA: The residents of upper parts of Bara on Sunday asked the government to construct bridges on the Bara River to facilitate the local population, particularly the schoolchildren, to cross the river while going to school. They said that the families, who were displaced from the area 11 years ago, recently returned to their native areas but they were facing a host of problems.

Talking to The News, Khidmat Khalq Welfare Society president Shaikh Gul Afridi said that the children of the Government Primary School Sandana in upper parts of Bara were facing difficulty crossing the river.

“Many children from the area do not go to school as they cannot cross the river as there is no bridge on it,” he said. He said many school children and residents had drowned due to heavy floods over the last several years.

Shaikh Gul added that local people wanted the government to build bridges at two suitable places to facilitate the schoolchildren, patients and the transportation of goods.

Another social activist, Turab Ali said thousands of people had demanded the construction of bridges at a suitable and feasible location.

He added that the area people had been displaced and shifted to safe areas in Peshawar and other areas in 2013.

They asked Caretaker Provincial Minister for Relief Taj Muhammad Afridi and Caretaker Minister for Excise and Taxation Manzoor Afridi to help provide basic facilities to the residents of upper Bara as they were facing multiple problems.