Wednesday October 04, 2023

Increase in salary of kiln workers demanded

By Our Correspondent
June 10, 2023

LAHORE:Pakistan Masiya Millat Party and Human Liberation Commission of Pakistan organised a protest in front of the Lahore Press Club here on Friday.According to the protesters, they organised a protest against non-implementation of ongoing notification of Punjab government dated 24-06-2022 to pay 1,850 rupees as compensation for making 1,000 bricks. Parvez Sahotra said that due to the nexus of the district administration and kiln owners across the country, including Punjab, brick factories and landlords' fields have become beggar camps for workers. Sahotra demanded an increase in salaries for kiln workers.

The Masiya Millat Party demands the Chief Justice of Pakistan to take notice of forced labor at the kiln workers across the country and to pay them Rs 1,850 as compensation for making 1,000 bricks as per the notification of the Punjab government. He demanded that steps should be taken to provide medical facilities under the Social Security Ordinance and steps should be taken to eliminate forced labor under the Bounded Labor Act, 1992.