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PMPKL marks Environment Day

By News Desk
June 07, 2023

KARACHI: Philip Morris Pakistan Limited (PMPKL) has held an event on World Environment Day 2023 at its Karachi Head Office, highlighting its commitment to environmental conservation and responsibility, a statement said on Tuesday. Under the ‘Beat Plastic Pollution’ theme, PMPKL said it recognised an urgent need to address the challenge of protecting the environment. “As an organisation striving for a sustainable future, PMPKL firmly believes in its responsibility to conserve the environment and encourage more sustainable living,” it said.

The event served as a platform to engage employees and inspire active participation in promoting planet-friendly practices. The company invited attendees to bring their plastic bottles and shoppers to the event. Dedicated collection points were available, allowing participants to deposit their plastic items for recycling. The event programme also included an engaging composting activity, providing an opportunity for attendees to learn about the benefits of recycling organic waste through composting. “Our commitment to reducing plastic consumption is deeply rooted in our vision for a sustainable future. To effectively address plastic pollution, we have implemented strategies aimed at minimising our environmental footprint,” Roman Yazbeck, managing director of PMPKL.