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PTI pursuing enemy’s agenda: Amir Muqam

By Muslim Sabir
June 05, 2023

TAKHTBHAI: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz leader and Advisor to Prime Minister on Political and Public Affairs Amir Muqam said on Sunday that the real face of Imran Khan and his false narrative were unfolding with the passage of time. Speaking at the PMLN workers’ convention in Maday Baba near here, he said that the ex-premier had misguided the youths and was pursuing the enemy’s agenda. PMLN leaders, including former lawmaker Jamshed Mohmand, Mian Abdur Rahman, Syed Inayat Bacha advocate and others also addressed the convention. He said that the nation had now realised that Imran Khan was a ‘fitnah’, who was fomenting violence and vandalism. “His face has been unmasked before the nation. The reality of his false narrative has also been exposed,” Amir Muqam said, adding that he had caused irreparable damage to the country.

He added that the ‘political Fitnah’ should be eliminated in a political way, saying that during his tenure he had destroyed the country’s economy, the political culture and isolated Pakistan at the international level. The PMLN leader said that former prime minister Mian Nawaz Sharif and Prime Minister Mian Shehbaz Sharif were part and parcel of Pakistani politics, who had always served the country and nation wholeheartedly. He said that the country would be put back on the track to development and prosperity after coming into power.