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Quacks outlets to be shut down: minister

By Our Correspondent
February 03, 2023

LAHORE: Caretaker Provincial Health Minister Dr Javed Akram visited Services Institute of Medical Sciences (SIMS), emergency department of Services Hospital and reviewed medical facilities.

Services Institute of Medical Sciences Principal Professor Farooq Afzal welcomed the minister and presented a bouquet. The health minister also chaired the academic council meeting.

Prof Taiba Wasim, Prof Amjad, MS Services Hospital, Dr Mukhtar Awan and members of the faculty and academic council participated. Principal SIMS presented the details to Dr Javed Akram.

The caretaker provincial health minister, Dr Javed Akram, also visited the emergency department of the Services Hospital, visited the patients and reviewed the medical facilities. Dr Javed Akram said that Services Institute of Medical Sciences is one of the good institutions for producing doctors. The Punjab Cabinet under the supervision of caretaker Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi is doing very well. Nature chooses man for the sake of humanity. The facility of primary angioplasty in public hospitals was only available to the elite class, he regretted.

The minister said that Caretaker Chief Minister Punjab Mohsin Naqvi has provided 24/7 facility of primary angioplasty to the common man. So far, 119 patients have been given the facility of primary angioplasty in Cardiology Hospitals of Punjab.

Dr Javed Akram said that the caretaker government was going to make paperless the government hospitals of Punjab with the help of PITB, a dashboard was being designed for the government hospitals. Quacks are causing the spread of Hepatitis B and C. “We will shut down the outlets of these quacks indiscriminately. HIMS system is running successfully in seven wards of Jinnah Hospital. We have to change the culture with our attitude. HIMS system will improve the working of government hospitals. We are taking initiatives to improve the emergency services of government hospitals in Punjab. We do not have a magic wand, but we will bring change with our hard work,” he added. Better treatment of patients in government hospitals of Punjab is our first priority. Patients are more important than salary for a doctor. It is very important for the people of Punjab to be satisfied with the health facilities. A ward professor is responsible for providing good facilities to all the patients. In the past, a model pharmacy was built in Jinnah Hospital, which idea is still successful today. We want to surround the mafia involved in the local procurement of medicines.