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Religious scholars say suicide attacks ‘Haram’

By Our Correspondent
January 31, 2023

ISLAMABAD: Leadership of Pakistan Ulema Council and Ulemas-Mashaykh from

all over the country, while condemning the blast, said that those who killed innocent people have nothing to do with Islam and Muslims.

In a joint statement Chairman Pakistan Ulema Council Hafiz Muhammad Tahir Mahmood Ashrafi and leadership of different religious schools of said that religious scholars of the Islamic world have declared suicide attacks as Haram (forbidden).

Besides Ashrafi, Pir Naqibur Rahman, Sahibzada Hasan Hasibur Rahman, Allama Muhammad Hussain Akbar, Allama Dr Raghib Hussain Naimi, Muttahida Jamiat Ahl Hadith Pakistan Chairman Allama Syed Ziaullah Shah Bukhari, Shia Ulema Council Vice-President Allama Arif Wahidi, Jamiat Ulema Pakistan’s Maulana Muhammad Khan Laghari, Allama Iftikhar Naqvi, Maulana Muhammad Ramzan Sialvi, Mufti Abdul Sattar, Maulana Syed Yusuf Shah, Allama Abdul Haq Mujahid, Maulana Noman Hasher, Maulana Muhammad Shafi Qasmi, Maulana Asad Ullah Farooq, Allama Zubair Abid, Maulana Muhammad Ashfaq Patafi, Maulana Tahir Aqeel Awan, Maulana Aziz Akbar Qasmi, Maulana Muhammad Aslam Siddiqui and others said in a joint statement that Pakistan’s religious scholars of all the schools of thought and leadership of all religions condemn terrorism in any form.

They said the people of Pakistan and Pakistan Army together defeated terrorism and extremism in the past and even now, the conspiracies of the elements hostile to Pakistan who aims at creating instability in Pakistan will not succeed.

They said: “According to the clear rhetoric of Paigham-e-Pakistan draft and Fatwa, Pakistan is a state of Muslims and Pakistan can’t be considered as fasiq or non-Islamic state in any way.”