Saturday February 04, 2023

Sharea Faisal SHO suspended for not following snap checking SOP

By Our Correspondent
January 25, 2023

Karachi’s Additional Inspector General of Police Javed Alam Odho suspended the station house officer (SHO) of the Sharea Faisal police station on Tuesday for not following the standard operating procedure for carrying out snap checking in his jurisdiction.

SHO Haji Malik Ishaq was suspended as he had changed a checking point of his own will, and most crimes in District East were taking place within his police station’s limits. A couple of days ago, a Rangers troop was also shot dead in Sharea Faisal police remits. “Officers in District East are taking steps to control crime,” said Odho during a surprise visit.

He made the visit to snap checking points and police stations of District East and District South after ordering steps for better policing late on Monday night. At the snap checking point of the Bahadurabad police station, on Sharea Faisal near a restaurant, he inspected the checking procedure and issued instructions to officers.

Odho also spoke to media representatives on this occasion. After checking the snap checking point of the Sharea Faisal police station, he reached police station and expressed concern about lack of cleanliness at the station and in the lockup.

The SHO was suspended for not reporting a change in the check point of the Sharea Faisal police station and not following the snap checking SOP of the Karachi Police, said the city police spokesperson.

He added that when the additional IG reached a Defence checking point in District South, he reprimanded the additional SHO along with other personnel for not being alert at the check point. He issued an order to cut the service of the additional SHO along with the personnel for two years.

On his visit to the Darakhshan police station, the city police chief visited the duty office room, the head Muhrir office and the lockup and expressed satisfaction over cleanliness and better arrangements there.

The Karachi police are strictly implementing a snap checking strategy to maintain law and order and curb street crime, the spokesperson said and added that strict departmental action would be taken against officers who violated the standard operating procedure.