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Evaluation report paints gloomy picture of Swabi township

By Muhammad Farooq
January 19, 2023

SWABI: The recent evaluation report of director evaluation has presented a gloomy picture of Shahmansoor Town.

The members of Shahmansoor Township Welfare Association said that they had written a letter to project director for the provision of the copy of the monitoring report under Right to Information Act 2013 but to no avail.

The report said no security mechanism was in place at the town despite the presence of staff for the purpose. It said the majority of workers were not performing duties and the cases of theft were taking place at the town due to lack of a security mechanism.

The report said majority of electricity poles were tilted, roads were in dilapidated condition, there was no community hall; huge money was charged from the residents on plea of road cutting and gas connection but the township never spent the money on reconstruction of roads, so it should be returned to the dwellers.

It said that there was no water supply, but the residents were charged for it.

The residents said that they were also forced to pay for zebra crossing but there was no such point in the entire town.

They also complained that there was no proper street lighting system; people living around the town grazed their cattle.

The report elaborated that there was only one park at the town, which was also in a bad condition as there was no arrangement for cutting the wild grass near buildings and roads.

The association members said that no development work was carried out in the town during the last three years while the taxes were raised by over 100 percent in June last year.