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Coils stolen from power transformer in Wana hospital

By Our Correspondent
January 17, 2023

WANA: The area went into darkness and created a sense of insecurity after unidentified thieves stole coils from the electricity transformer in the residential block of the District Headquarters Hospital in Wana the previous night.

DHQ Medical Superintendent Hammad Mahmood said that they were worried about the security after the transformer was damaged by the thieves when they took away the coils from it.

He said that deputy commissioner and district police officer of South Waziristan Lower had been informed of the security situation because of darkness following the damage of the power transformer and theft its coils in the residential block of the hospital.The doctors and paramedical staff have also asked the district administration to arrest the thieves and bring them to a court of law so others could not repeat such criminal acts in future.The thieves had stolen the coils when there was darkness due to the electricity loadshedding in the area.