Tuesday February 07, 2023

Lahore tops world’s most polluted cities

By Our Correspondent
November 29, 2022

LAHORE:As Lahore remained at the top position among the world’s most polluted cities, thick layer of smog turned the City’s Air Quality Index (AQI) very unhealthy here Monday. Data collected from IQAir revealed that with an AQI of 232, Lahore remained on the top of the world’s most polluted cities the second consecutive day. Delhi with an AQI of 187 stood second and Mumbai with an AQI of 162 stood third in the list.

Rest of the top 10 most polluted cities in the world were Wroclaw, Poland (159 AQI), Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan (156 AQI), Chongqing, China (155 AQI), Kampala, Uganda (154 AQI), Zagreb, Croatia (154 AQI), Dhaka, Bangladesh (153 AQI) and Kolkata, India (152 AQI).

On the other hand, the City witnessed a hazy day and a number of citizens while talking with the scribe complained about irritation in throat, burning of eyes and difficulty in breathing. Met officials said that continental air was prevailing over most parts of the country. They predicted that mainly cold and dry weather was expected in most parts of the country. However, foggy conditions were likely to develop over few plain districts of Punjab during morning hours. Monday’s minimum temperature was recorded at Leh where mercury dropped to -08°C while in Lahore, it was 9.3°C and maximum was 25.5°C.