Sunday December 10, 2023

IT being used to address traffic issues: CTO

By Bureau report
November 28, 2022

PESHAWAR: Chief Traffic Officer (CTO) Abbas Majeed Marwat has said that the Information Technology was being used to identify and address the issue of traffic jam in different parts of the provincial capital.

The CTO said that commuters were being kept updated about the situation on different roads through FM Radio and social media accounts so they can take alternate routes in case of any issue. He added the IT section was an important part of the traffic police in ensuring smooth flow of traffic in Peshawar.

At a function, the CTO gave awards to the IT staff and officials of various other sections of the traffic police for performing well.

“The helpline of the traffic police 1915 receives over 700 calls daily which are recorded and the issue is addressed immediately. We are improving the system by introducing technology to identify the trouble points for a smooth traffic flow across Peshawar,” said Abbas.