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William, Kate, Harry and Meghan’s photos show ‘Fab Four’ were never ‘on track’

Body language expert analysed Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, Prince William and Kate Middleton's photos

By Web Desk
October 02, 2022


Body language expert analysed Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s photos with Prince William and Kate Middleton through the years to point out that there was always a rift among the foursome.

During her conversation with The Sun’s Fabulous, expert Judi James weighed in on the Fab Four’s body language during their visit to the Armistice centenary in 2018.

“The couples did line up in close proximity that might have suggested the ‘Fab Four’ were still on track but, again, the smiles on both Kate and Meghan’s faces look rigid enough to suggest tension, and Kate’s smile barely reaches her eyes,” Judi said.

“It’s the tension between the brothers that is beginning to show here though. Their poses might be mirrored but they are self-protective fig leaf’ hand poses,” the expert added.

Judi further said that Meghan seemed to be “one happy to draw on her skills as an actress to perform a very convincing and fun-fueled-looking smile” during Commonwealth Day in 2019.

William, Kate, Harry and Meghan’s photos show ‘Fab Four’ were never ‘on track’

“Kate’s facial expression here makes her almost unrecognizable,” the expert said. “The social smile is gone and her mouth is pulled down at the corners instead. Her brows are raised and her eye expression looks intense and unhappy. And things weren’t much better for the brothers,” she added.

In 2020, William and Kate arrived at Westminster Abbey for the Commonwealth Day service following Harry and Meghan.

“The last official appearance of the ‘Fab Four’ openly showed a very emphatic erosion of any kind of warmth, closeness, or even ease in each other’s company,” Judi said.

She continued: “They were to the point of openly avoiding or blanking each other and only Meghan seemed to be keen to apply the social smile that we can see here.

“Harry’s grim facial expression was reflecting the resentment and anger that we were to see emerge verbally in the Oprah interview, while William’s sucked-in lips suggested misery and regret.

“Kate’s facial expression had taken on a look of firmness here, with a lip-clamp and a rather stern eye expression.”