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Ed Sheeran to battle $100M lawsuit slap for ‘Thinking Out Loud’

Ed Sheeran is reportedly in line to face a $100 million lawsuit for ‘Thinking Out Loud’

By Web Desk
October 02, 2022

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US Judge Louis Stanton has just ordered Ed Sheeran to stand trial for a $100 million copyright case.

According to People magazine, he began by explaining the lack of any kind of “bright-line rule” and added that a jury would be tasked with finding a resolution for the matter.

He wrote, “There is no bright-line rule that the combination of two unprotectable elements is insufficiently numerous to constitute an original work.”

“A work may be copyrightable even though it is entirely a compilation of unprotectable elements."

For those unversed, this issue with the co-writer, Ed Townsend started back in 2016.

 Townsend’s family also sued the singer over Let's Get It On after selling off a third of their shares to Structured Asset Sales $100 million that same year.