Friday December 02, 2022

'Shocking' video of Kate Middleton being insulted by the paparazzi

Kate Middleton's dignified reaction to paps shouting insults at the Duchess of Sussex

By Web Desk
September 29, 2022

File footage 

Kate Middleton's old video of being insulted by paparazzi at an airport in 2010 has sparked anger among fans.

A clip of the Princess of Wales at an airport before she got engaged to Prince William has been making rounds son social media when paps insulted her in attempts to get attention.

"There were some paparazzi there and they were shouting '(expletive), (expletive), (expletive), look this way'," said journalist Penny Junor.

A Twitter user recently re-shared the video: “I've always found it curious how this clip of Catherine at the airport being insulted by the paparazzi is nowhere to be found.

"It is a very sad clip and another proof of what she had to suffer at the hands of the press, when she was just William's girlfriend."

Reacting to the video, one fan said: “Through it all she always carried herself with class."

“This was so sad to watch. Catherine has always carried herself with grace and dignity,” said another fan.

“This is shocking. Amazing how she remained dignified through it,” a third comment read.