Sunday November 27, 2022

'House of the Dragon' vs 'Rings of Power': epic clash at Emmys 2023

Both shows are slated to win big at the Emmys

By Web Desk
September 26, 2022
House of the Dragon vs Rings of Power eyes clash at Emmys 2023
'House of the Dragon' vs 'Rings of Power' eyes clash at Emmys 2023

HBO's House of the Dragon locks in tough rivalry with Amazon's Rings of Power to bag most Emmys next year.

According to Variety, The Lord of the Rings prequel has made an impressive premier with strong viewership numbers.

However, the report admitted that difficult to compare the viewership stats of both mega-budgeted shows due to different methods of assessing the viewership figures.

House of the Dragon can be seen on HBO and HBO Max, making it hard to pinpoint the accurate figure. The report added that Amazon numbers for its show have also made it impossible to compare both series.

However, the lack of proper measuring sticks will lead to the contest between the two high-fantasy series in the arena of TV awards.

Nonetheless, House of the Dragon and Rings of Power will be at each other's throats to win as many TV awards as possible to win the streaming war.