Sunday October 02, 2022

Olivia Wilde shuts down Harry Styles, Chris Pine’s ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ spit rumor

'Don’t Worry Darling' will be released in theatres on September 23

By Web Desk
September 22, 2022

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Olivia Wilde finally addressed the sensational ‘spit-gate’ controversy surrounding her boyfriend Harry Styles and his co-star Chris Pine.

In a preview clip of The Late Show, the Don’t Worry Darling director defended Styles amid claims he spat on Pine during the film’s premiere at the Venice Film Festival earlier this month.

Setting the record straight, Wilde said that “Harry did not spit on Chris.”

“I think it’s a perfect example of, like, people will look for drama anywhere they can,” she remarked.

Earlier this month, an interaction between Styles and Pine at the Venice screening of Don’t Worry Darling took the internet by storm.

In the clip, it was claimed that Styles ‘appears to spit’ on Pine while taking his seat next to him. Pine then looks down and stops clapping.

After the clip went viral on social media, many fans claimed that Styles “definitely did” spit on his co-actor.

Others dismissed the ‘spitting’ claim and said the Watermelon Sugar singer would never do such a thing “on purpose.”

Don’t Worry Darling will be released in theatres on 23 September.