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Britney Spears making ‘peace with her past’ after emotionally distressing family drama

Britney Spears takes a holiday in Hawaii with Sam Asghari to 'clear her mind' following family drama

By Web Desk
September 21, 2022

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Britney Spears has taken some time away from the recent emotionally distressing family drama as she took a trip to Hawaii with husband Sam Asghari.

An insider told Hollywood Life that the Hold Me Closer hit-maker wants to focus on things that matter including having a baby with her hubby after her sons decided not to meet her.

“Britney needed to get away and clear her mind, as the past several weeks have been so hard on her emotionally,” the source said.

“When she should have been celebrating the massive success of her new song [“Hold Me Closer”], she was crying over the situation with her boys.

“Hawaii has always been a source of great tranquility to Britney, as she feels so safe there. She really wants to center herself again and get spiritually centered.

“She wants to refocus her energy and her time on things that are important for her, one of which is having a baby with Sam,” the source added.

The pop star is "trying to make peace with her past" and wants her sons, Jayden and Sean, to know that she'll always be there for them. 

The insider went on to add that “Hawaii” has always been a “peaceful sanctuary for Britney” hence she decided to go there to “clear her mind from all the negative energy.”