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Prince Harry making royals ‘stumble majorly’ on upcoming memoir

Royal Family ‘struggling and stumbling’ with Prince Harry’s incoming memoir

By Web Desk
September 18, 2022

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Prince Harry’s memoir has reportedly become a ‘real stumbling black’ for the Royal Family.

This claim has been made by The Sun’s Editor in Chief Victoria Newton Laura Kuenssberg's BBC Sunday show.

She began by saying, “Obviously, it is the issue of the book that Prince Harry is writing is going to be at the forefront of these discussions.”

“And the Royal Family are going to want to feel assured that there's not going to be something too negative in there. So, I think that’s going to be a real stumbling block for them.”

“But hopefully, they can move on from it. But as I said, they’re both very keen that this doesn’t overshadow what is really about the Queen.”

When addressing the public attention on Queen Elizabeth’s vigil, she added, “The whole nation was delighted to see William and Harry come together when they first went to see some flowers and well-wishers.”

“And then this incredible picture last night of the two of them reuniting for their grandmother's sake.”

“This is what they were both very conscious of. I know that both William and harry wanted to put aside their differences and showed they could do her proud. And I think that's what they've done tremendously.”

“Of course, the public are desperate to know: does this mean that some type of reconciliation in the long term? We would hope so but they've got a lot of private conversations to have before that can happen.”