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Florence Pugh, grandma make a rare red-carpet appearance together, and they looked so in love

'Thank you to Venice Film Festival for your generosity and your kindness,' she added

By Web Desk
September 06, 2022

Florence Pugh is making a rare red-carpet appearance with her grandmother at the 2022 Venice Film Festival.

On Tuesday, the Little Women starlet,26, posted four photos on Instagram of her and "Granzo Pat" on the red carpet along with a touching tribute to her grandmother for joining her at the festival in Italy on Monday.

"A few months ago my Granzo Pat said she hadn't bothered renewing her passport because she didn't think she'd be doing too much travelling the older she gets," Pugh wrote in the post's caption.

"She is such an adventurer that it saddened us all that she was thinking that way. I asked her, 'but granny, what about being on the red carpet at my premiere in Venice? What about if Bear Grylls actually does invite you to run wild with him for an episode?' "

Pugh wrote that her grandmother renewed her passport sometime after that conversation and that when she saw Granzo Pat taking pictures on her phone at the end of her red carpet appearance, she decided to bring her into the fold.

Next thing I know she's dancing to all the photographers calling her name. It was truly the most special moment I have ever had on a carpet," Pugh added in the post's caption.

"Thank you to all who made that moment special for us. Thank you to Venice Film Festival for your generosity and your kindness," she continued.