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List of NGOs working for flood victims

Appeals are being made for people to extend help to flood victims in need, you can help too

By Web Desk
August 27, 2022
A man rescues his children during flooding in Sindh. — AFP
A man rescues his children during flooding in Sindh. — AFP

Around 33 million Pakistanis are living through one of the worst torrential rains and floods in the country's history. People have been rendered homeless and stranded in flood-hit areas, hundreds have been killed, many remain injured due  to incessant flooding triggered by unprecedented rainfall.

Cattle and other animals remain  vulnerable amid ruins left behind by the flash floods in rural areas of the country. Homes, infrastructure, and communication networks have been disrupted  in several rural districts.

During this time of catastrophe, individuals, local and national level organisations, government agencies, military, and international NGOs are all extending their support by taking initiative to gather donations and funds for flood affectees. 

Here is a list of private NGOs and government agencies where you, too, can contribute to help fellow citizens spending their lives in the midst of destruction:

Private NGOs

Alamgir Welfare Trust

To donate to Alamgir Welfare Trust, click on this link.

Government agencies